SERVICES - Consulting and Optimisation

”What use is a consulting basically nobody understands?”

This is one of the main questions of our services. Accordingly we see consulting and optimisation as a continuous process. Based on your core requirements and the continual economical development, your logistics tasks and needs alter. Together with the LEIPZIGER Logistik & Lagerhaus GmbH the L.O.G. defines its work as a growing partnership which comprehends the continuous optimisation of its logistics.
Consequentially you can expect a continuous consulting and optimisation with regard to a continuous process improvement.

The fundamental concerns of those activities are defined as follows:

Process Optimisation

  • Reduction of interfaces
  • Reduction of processing activities
  • Reduction of work steps to be undertaken
  • Packaging optimisation and packaging development


  • Bundling of the flow of goods
  • Increase of the transport volume of common parts
  • Optimal freight utilisation
  • Subcontracted rental warehouse management at neutral costs
  • Usage of neutral, integrated infrastructure


  • Usage of time saving technique
  • Cross linking of information streams
  • Reduction of bureaucracy
  • Reduction of formal complexity
  • Large quantities contracts


  • Taking on redundant activities
  • Outsourcing of the whole transport and warehouse services as well as control to LEIPZIGER Logistik & Lagerhaus GmbH
  • Extensive Workbench from the end of production to the customer (for example from the black cast to the purchaser)
  • Investive development of service capacities and infrastructure for the usage for different manufacturers